“I’ve got those effortlessly beachy, Cali-girl curls I’ve enviously admired my entire life. Regular shaped, glossy, frizz free – for once they do what I want, without me having to do, well, anything.”


Gabrielle Dyer Senior Beauty Writer, Cosmopolitan

“The BRALIZ treatment was amazing, because I still have my curls, but just less frizz – which is exactly what I wanted!”


Danner Tassone

“I was amazed how smooth and shiny this made my hair without any nasty chemicals!”


Marion Reilly

“What an incredible hair treatment.. My hair is brighter and silkier”


@healthy_fitmum (Instagram)

“As a busy mum, this hair treatment is a godsend and has made my mornings more enjoyable. My hair is now always on fleek even if I don’t have time as it’s always styled and ready”


Andrea Caamano